Formuler Z7+


  • Universal Usability with Android OS
  • 4K Media Player to support Various media, Wireless Networking- Internal 2.4G
  • Easy Connectivity – Support Air sync remote Z


The most cutting-edge streaming device, the Formuler Z7+, will take your entertainment to new heights! This little stalwart suddenly appears when it comes to streaming your favorite content thanks to its well-thought-out strategy and solid execution.

Your one-stop shop for streaming live sports, movies, and television shows is the Formuler Z7+. With its smooth interface and lightning-fast processor, you will never have to worry about buffering or lag again. Additionally, the user-friendly interface makes it simple to navigate your preferred streaming apps and channels.

The electronic program guide (EPG) that comes with the Formuler Z7+ makes it simple to keep track of your favorite shows and upcoming events. In addition, its cutting-edge technology makes it simple to record live television, pause it, and rewind it.

However, the Formuler Z7+’s compatibility with a plethora of streaming services and apps, including Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others, may be its most notable feature. You can even customize your own home screen with your preferred apps and channels for easy and quick access.

The Formuler Z7+ is a must-have device if you enjoy streaming and want a seamless, hassle-free experience. Why then pause? You’ll be able to take in all of your favorite content like never before if you get one now!

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