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What’s A Good Way To Connect To MyTVOnline 2 From My Formuler Device?

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How To Connect To MyTVOnline 2 With My Formuler
A Step By Step Guide

Hello and welcome to our tutorial on how to log into MyTVOnline 2 app. There are two ways to do this with Xtreme Codes and with an M3U playlist. Let’s start with Xtreme Codes also known as a portal.

Connect To MOL2 Using A Portal Address Or Xtreme Codes

Start by opening the MyTV Online 2 app. Once opened, you will go to connections to connect using Xtreme Codes. Click on Add A Portal. Enter your portal nickname. Enter your portal URL provided by your MyTVOnline 2 Service Provider. Then check the login box. Enter your numeric or alphanumeric username and password. Double checking to make sure they are correct. Scroll down to connect. Click on the OK button. You are now connected to MyTVOnline 2 portal. Enjoy!

Connect To MOL2 using an M3U playlist

Open the MyTVOnline 2 app and go to Connections – Click on Add M3U playlist – Add a playlist nickname – Enter your M3U playlist issued by your service provider. Being sure to double check as these are case sensitive and must be exact. Enter your M3U EPG playlist issued by your MOL 2 Service Provider. Scroll down to connect. Click on the OK button. You’re now all logged into the MyTVOnline 2 app.

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0:00:14 – Connect To MyTVOnline 2 Via Xtreme Codes Portal – Username / Password
0:01:07 – Connect To MyTVOnline 2 Via M3U / EPG

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