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Best Rated Echo Link Amp – Stream and amplify hi-fi music to your speakers For Formuler Nano

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  • Upgrade your speakers with a built-in 60W x 2-channel amplifier, high-fidelity streaming music, and Alexa.
  • Voice control music selection and playback with your compatible Echo device or the Alexa app.
  • Connect Echo Link Amp to speakers and group with other supported Echo...

    User reviews

    The Echo Link Amp is the next product needed to round out Amazon’s Echo audio product lineup. If you have any old (or new) pair of speakers laying around all you need is the Echo Link Amp to make them 100% modern again. The Echo Link amp as them name suggests has an amplifier built-in so you don’t need any additional equipment to make your old speakers sing again while streaming music from Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and AM/FM radio through the internet or one of the hundreds of other services. If you don’t have any other Echo products you will need to pickup an Echo Dot to make the voice control work since the Echo Link Amp doesn’t have a built-in mic.A unusual and useful feature of the Link Amp is that it has both analog and digital inputs AND outputs. The digital input allows you to connect your TV and have the Link Amp automatically switch between streaming music and listening to your TV. The inputs have a priority to them, streaming music is the 1st priority then the digital input then the analog input. So, you could use all three inputs but the analog input won’t be activated unless you turn off your TV (or other source connected to the digital input). See my video review of the Echo Link (non-amp version) for an example of the priority in action.Pros:Built in amplifier brings your speakers of choice to lifeDigital audio input for connecting your TV's soundAutomatically switches between inputs (steraming, digital, analog)Digital audio output allows you to send high quality sound to your own DAC or AV receiverCosts 40% less than the original Sonos Connect Amp (50% less than the new Sonos Amp)Sound quality through speaker outputs is solid (go with the digital out & your own amp for better sound)Cons:The audio inputs can’t be sent to other rooms (a real oversight by Amazon and something Sonos does)The app is control is not as smooth as SonosNo mic built-in so you need another Echo device nearby to use it (like a $20 Dot)Can’t play your music files stored on NAS or PC/MACThe Competition:SONOS AMP(new one) - Twice as expensive but has some real advantages 1) App control is better 2) can send analog input to other speakers 3) twice the power 4) has HDMI ARC input making it a little easier to connect your TVSONOS Connec-Amp - 40% more expensive but has better app but about the same amp power (no HDMI input), you can't connect your TV's audio.Others to consider: Bluesound Power Node, Hoes Amp, Klipsch Power Gate.Bottom line: If you are already an Echo user get the Link or Link amp, otherwise think about going with Sonos for a bit more money. If this review was helpful, hit the "helpful" button!
    I’ve been waiting for this echo amp to round off my multi room music. I paid a lot of money for my speakers, and listen to most of my music on them through my Harman amp, with a dot connected. When I entertain, I like to have them playing with the other echoes in my house. With this new echo amp, I could be anywhere in the house and command any of my Alexa devices to play music ‘everywhere’, and wouldn’t need to run to the cabinet to turn on my existing Harman amp. Set up was simple. It was up and running in about 20 min. The sound is much better than what the dot was sending to my other amp. I was pleasantly surprised! The app is easy to use, basic, and responsive. I was finally whole! Until, POP! Yep, sounded like a cannon fired! The issue? When the amp wakes, or sleeps, it pops my speakers!! Soooo disappointing!!! I’m returning for another, thinking this first one might be defective. I certainly hope Amazon doesn’t think that is normal. It’s NOT! That alone, is my reasoning for the one star. If I continued to use this first one, it would blow my speakers. NOT GOOD! We’ll see what happens with the replacement. If it works, I will update my review and change this to five stars.
    I posted my detailed review and measurements to audiosciencereview. Some surprising finds were frequency response being limited to 24 kHz. From audibility point of view this is fine but be mindful that you would be wasting your money playing any high resolution/high sample rate content. Distortion is average for the amplifiers I have tested which means not so great.When pushed, you literally hear the distortion through the case. Likely some coil is resonating.Software configuration was problematic and took a number of tries. I was disappointed that I could not just use it with Ethernet and had to resort to setting up wifi which was difficult to get going. Seems Amazon has gone backward in reliability and simplicity of the original Echo devices.I was surprised that there is no way to select inputs in the app. Worse yet you can't change the volume! Why oh why? Yes, there is a volume control but that only works for content you are playing from the app. The volume control is digital so why can't it be controlled remotely?The overall functionality and build quality pushed me to put it on my recommended list but with reservations. Search for Amazon Link Echo Amp and audiosciencereview and you will find my detailed report.

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